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Moving To Jersey

Jersey is a very rich island with a pro-business attitude and a massive opportunity for investments to grow and prosper. Famed for its milk, Jersey is located just off France, however it is actually a British crown dependency. Located just off Normandy, the residents speak both English and French, while they also have their own language which is less often spoken, known as Jèrriais.


There is a friendly rivalry with neighbouring island Guernsey, while the pair are often referred to as the Channel Islands. The history of the rivalry dates back to the English civil war, where Jersey sided with the king and Guernsey sided with parliament, causing a drift between the two. The two islands are however recognised externally as a pair and many political members in Jersey and Guernsey are hoping to end the rivalry and bring the two islands closer together (metaphorically not physically…that would be ridiculous).



The financial benefits are one of the reasons Jersey is known throughout Europe. Jersey can offer one of the lowest direct tax rates in Europe, so many corporations and rich individuals flock to the island to prevent losing a huge chunk of their funds to the government, a sad sight to see, however this has also meant that a large majority of the island residents find themselves in a rich state of affairs. Jersey is also known for having a very large amount of accountants and financial experts, which probably helps significantly with ensuring they keep most of their money in their bank accounts.

The standard rate of income tax in Jersey is 20%, both for individuals and corporations. You can also read about their zero/ten system on the website.


Journey to England

The trip to England is incredibly quick, while you can get from Jersey to Gatwick in less than an hour. This is what motivates the temptation for the wealthy folk to trade in their 50% income tax, inheritance tax and capital gains for the lowly 20% income tax and relaxing lifestyle. Tickets are normally around the £80 mark, while this is probably the best way to get to London, albeit you could consider getting a ferry to dover. The ferry will take a lot longer to arrive at your destination, while you’ll have to make the journey down to Dover, however the ferry is very enjoyable and the tickets are normally slightly cheaper.


Things To Do In Jersey

There is a huge amount to do in a visit to Jersey, with a large amount of the activities based around adventure and activity, so make sure you pack suitable gear. Check out the extensive list below for literally everything I could think of.


If you are moving to Jersey, make sure you check the gov site to find out further details, while I would also recommend having a read of some expat blogs to get a full idea of what to expect

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