Who Are They?

Airtours are a tour operator based in Rochdale, England. They are ABTA and ATOL protected, who mainly offer holidays to places in Europe, generally beach based holidays. A large quantity of their audience is in the 30-60 age range, while they offer some great package deals. Just like many tour operators, they are actually part of a larger group, being Thomas Cook Retail LTD, of which they are an acting agent. This offers some sense of security as you can rest assured Thomas Cook wouldn’t allow a poorly run company to be under their ownership.


Main Strengths

Last minute holidays are definitely a strong point for them, while they can normally offer a great package if you have a general date in mind and a few destinations you are interested in. They appeared to have some great offers on Majorca, Tenerife and Egypt whenever I checked.


Who Normally Books With Airtours

There main type of customer tends to be small groups, couples looking for a romantic break at a decent price or family holidays. They have a huge range of beach style Mediterranean holidays, which their sales team are highly knowledgeable in and can help you to filter down your preference if you are a bit lost for ideas. Think of holidays to Spain, Turkey or the Islands in the Mediterranean sea.


What About Outside Europe

As previously mentioned, the vast majority of their holidays are focused on Europe, however this doesn’t mean they don’t sell long distance holidays, I just wouldn’t necessarily choose this company. Egypt can still be counted in the European bracket as it only takes six hours on a place, however when you are on a place for eights hours upwards you really should be looking at companies that specialise in this area. Of the decent deals Airtours offer outside of Europe, you could go to Miami and Vegas, the Caribbean or somewhere in the Indian Ocean.


AirTours Review

I haven’t been overly impressed with the general consensus from customers, however my experience was pretty good.

They scored a low 1.2 out of 5 on Review CentreĀ however this is only based on 15 reviews. According to Holiday Watchdog they are rated at 7.5 out of 10 from 17 reviews.



If you’re interested in applying for a job with Airtours, you will have to go through the Thomas Cook umbrella website. The added benefit is you could move internally within the Thomas Cook team, just like if you were to get a job with TUI. The main types of roles you can expect are call centre, product, marketing, finance, or admin and customer care.

Selling Points

Every company has a number of reasons for you to pick them over their competitors, even if the reasons are the exact same as their rivals (hence I held temptation to call this section unique selling points). The five areas they are pushing appear to be being a low cost option, their last minute availabilities, all inclusive, summer packages and resorts which are ideal for families.

What I Like On Their Site

They have some fun things on their site, such as their holiday budget calculator. It does feel slightly unready, considering the list of activities just contains a day cruise, white water rafting and jeep safari. You can rest assured I would be trying to tick off a huge amount of activities on my break, so this does feel slightly unprepared. It has also only gained 2 Facebook shares and one Tweet, so it a bit confusing if they properly released this or gave up on the tool. The probable reason for giving up might surround how many clicks it takes to actually get a theoretical budget, as I had lost interest by the time the price came up. All in all, a brilliant idea but poor substance.