Who Are They?

Anatolian Sky is an ABTA and ATOL protected holiday company which mainly specialises on holidays to Turkey or North Cyprus. You can also book holidays to other close destinations such as North Africa and other areas in the Mediterranean. As well as beautiful beach holidays, they also offer city breaks, great if you want to get away just for a weekend. You can also book a cruise through this travel company. The company is actually a veteran in the holiday business, having operated now for 25 years, while their destinations are continuing to expand.


Why North Cyprus?

South Cyprus is owned by Greece, while North Cyprus is owned by Turkey. This means that the two countries regularly conflict, not physically but politically, while it also brings Turkey much frustration as Greece has been let into the EU despite their constant financial issues, however Turkey is regularly being overlooked due to a number of political and geographical reasons. Back to the point, working specifically with holidays to Turkey means the company can also focus quite closely on Northern Cyprus as this is all run by Turkey.


What About Special Offers?

They claim to hold a number of great special offers, however with constant monitoring of the site I haven’t seen any great deals, except for the occasional one every now and then. They do have some last minute deals starting at about the £300 mark, so if you are looking for a last minute bargain it might be worth checking what’s available.


Anatolian Sky Reviews

There is actually not a lot to read online, regarding reviews for Anatolian Sky. Through Google reviews they have receieved a 4.2 rating out of 5 from 57 reviews, which is over a 12 month period. These reviews are however gathered through Feefo which doesn’t hold huge value in representing real data rather than manipulated reviews. I have not yet flown with this company so I wouldn’t want to give a personal opinion on the matter, I have only dealt with them from an outside perspective.


Telephone Number: 0844 417 2163

Where Are They

Anatolian House, 81 Warwick Road, Solihull, West Midlands, B92 7HP

The Tech

I can be a bit of a nerd, so I sometimes like to analyse the tech side of websites. I like that they have an open up chat for the sales team to speak with potential customers. However, every time I have checked it, it has stated ‘our agents are not available right now’ so you have to leave a message. It is fair enough if their opening times are limited and helps to increase their level of leads, but could be a bit frustrating as the whole point of these pop-up chats is to get a quick response to an immediate question.

Their HTML sitemap is a bit messy and overly full, but many sites don’t actually have one so I will still tip my hat.
They seem to have invested in video, which is a huge positive in my eyes, however them clearly being hosted on Vimeo isn’t great as you don’t want that appearing on the bottom of the video. The logo also doesn’t internally link through to the homepage, a basic functionality that you expect in sites.
The writing on all the destination pages seems very useful and unique, but it is all in a bold font, making it very difficult to read. The content also isn’t broken up at all, something that should be enhanced significantly.