Who Are They?

Part of the MyTravel group, Aspro have sadly stopped trading, meaning you are no longer capable of booking a holiday through this tour operator. Aspro was actually bought out by Thomas Cook and begun selling under their name. The Aspro Holidays audience tended to be families and couples looking for a European break for a week in the sun.



Aspro was amazing at offering surprisingly cheap holidays, which used to be great if you were monitoring last minute deals or bargain offers. Cancellation deals also used to be a popular one as if you were highly flexible on dates and location you could really pick up a good deal.



Think of Mediterranean beach holidays, such as Majorca, Lanzarote or Ibiza. Despite them offering deals to Ibiza, it wasn’t normally your ‘party group’, it would more be for people trying to see the natural beauty of the Island, being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Holidays weren’t just limited to Spain however, this just happened to be there big seller. You could also get a small amount of long distance holidays such as to the Maldives or Jamaica, while they also did breaks to Turkey and Greece.


Which Airports

You could often catch a flight from most of the well known airports in the UK, such as all the London based ones, Bristol, Birmingham and Newcastle.


The End

It is the end of the name, however if you went through to the site, you would be redirected to Thomas Cook as they took over the business, meaning it still exists to some extent. The same deals are offered on the Thomas Cook site, all at a reasonable price.
One clearly sad point to me is how it does feel like the death of the independent holiday maker. I used to work with Directline Holidays and 90% of our competitors were part of a giant group, normally either the Thomas Cook line or TUI. As Aspro were bought out by Thomas Cook, it was yet another to be bought out.

The Brand Name

Take a look for this brand and you will find a huge number of other travel companies bidding on the term. So why are they still bidding when the company has gone out of business? Well, due to their long standing loyal fan base of the past, their are still approximately 70 natural searches per month on Google in the UK. That might not sound like a huge figure, but it is an easy to pick-off term. This bidding process won’t last forever, as the audience continues to shrink as their past customers become aware of the business dieing out, however due to their long life they are still remembered by many, especially from those who used to completely book over the phone.
Having been bought out by Thomas Cook, you can rest assured they will be able to offer what you are looking for on the site.
Well, I will probably remove this page after not too long, as the brand disappears into non existence, but for a little bit longer I will keep it alive, tipping my hat to all the people that worked so hard to keep this business alive and kicking, I salute you!