Who Are They?

When you think of Avro, you think of chartered flights. Avro have been around for over 20 years now and have won multiple awards throughout their history. You know you are booking with a well established name when going with Avro, as they sell over a million seats every year, not an amount to be chuckled at. Part of the Monarch group, Avro meets my minimum expectancy of being ABTA and ATOL protected, so you have greater financial protection.


What Are Chartered Flights?

I thought I would quickly summarise this as it is so crucial to what Avro Flights offers. It is basically a flight that doesn’t follow the usual set schedule, so normally through a hiring arrangement. Despite this description, when applied to mass tourism, it obviously follows a set time and schedule, however the chartered airline doesn’t sell the tickets, holiday companies do, which is where Avro comes in. The majority of the sales they make are actually to travel companies, being the largest provider in the UK for chartered flights.



They are known for constantly having a high availability of seats, so can cater for larger groups. While I have highlighted their strength at offering chartered flights to the travel industry, they also offer flights directly to the public, so you can also book with them. Being part of the Monarch group does have added benefits as you can switch around a few details here and there as they are sister companies with so many others, including Cosmos Holidays, somewhere2stay.com and Archers Direct. The awards they have won haven’t just been given as a coincidence, they have truly earned all the recognition they are receiving, with a brilliant service.

If you are looking for a cheap airline, it should be noted that several years in a row they have won the award ‘budget airline of the year’, so they will definitely help you save the pennies!



What you think of this company will probably reflect how you feel about Monarch as a whole. They have received some negative criticism in the past when trying to book basic beach holidays, however most of their negative reviews are from about five years ago, so are very dated and shouldn’t reflect negatively on the business currently.

There price massively plays into the equation as I think you can get a pretty good deal, so you get what you pay for, a flight without all of the trimmings but you get there on time without any hassle.

The End

I thought it was important to update this page as it appears like Avro Flights are no more, as the site 301’s to Monarch. Following a bit of research, it would appear that Cosmos, Avro and Somewhere2stay all combined into the Monarch site in the summer of 2014, allowing for one central portal. Unfortunately, there has been a large amount of complaints on this modern look, with many people struggling to book through the site. It sounds like they are going to have to fix this issue soon, having been an entire year since the launch of the new site and the complaints are continuing to come in. Everyone seems to miss view data and would love to have it switched back on