Who Are They?

Just like their name, their main holiday focus is on the Balkans, which includes holidays to Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia. I have visited Croatia and found it to be one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world, while if you are considering visiting Zagreb, then you can read my guide on Things To Do In Zagreb. Holidays to the Balkans is growing significantly in popularity, while it is definitely worth visiting them before they become overcrowded tourist destinations. The amount of tourism to Bulgaria has been growing exponentially year on year, while they are seeing a huge amount of tourists flooding to Sofia. This is partly due to the fact that they offer a stunning location, friendly people and a great drinking culture, however flights are cheap and the costs once you’re out there are ridiculously cheap.

Balkan Holidays has won a large number of awards, largely down to them focusing purely on the Balkans rather than spreading themselves thin, which means their sales team are highly equipped to answer all your questions and leave you feeling confident of your holiday, while they have a very high ‘customer happiness’ rating.

You are financially protected by the fact that this tour operator is both ABTA and ATOL protected. This is one of the oldest companies in the UK holiday market, operating for almost 50 years! The best time to book a break is normally before January comes around, as prices tend to hike up at this point, so try and book around Christmas for the summer ahead.


What Do They Offer?

As we mentioned, the destination is all around Central and Eastern Europe, while they sell a large number of beach holidays and city breaks. You can take your pick on the basis based on your personal preference, such as whether you are after self catering so you can eat out every night, all inclusive so you can be pampered, half board or full board or even bed & breakfast. Personally I quite enjoy booking all inclusive holidays but feel restaurants in these areas tend to be very cheap so it is better to book self catering or just breakfast based.

You can also book specialist holidays, for example a large amount of people enjoy visiting these destinations to go on golfing holidays, which can be booked through Balkan. You can also book weddings & honeymoons, cruises and spa breaks. The sales team are highly experienced in this field so it might be worth calling up and having a chat through if you are thinking of a specialist holiday, to get a trip tailored to you.

You will also be assigned local ‘reps’ at your hotel, who can help you to book excursions and events, although they do often inflate the price of these activities compared to if you just arranged it yourself once out there.


You can fly out from pretty much any UK based airport, including Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, East Midlands, Leeds/Bradford, Gatwick or Stansted, Manchester, Newcastle and Norwich.