Who Are They?

You can book yourself a beach break, a trip to the mountains or a city tour, however Crystal really specialise on skiing holidays. This is deeply built into their history and it is where they are strongest, operating since the 80’s and selling to customers all over the UK. Crystal is part of the TUI Travel PLC group, as they were purchased through Thomson Holidays back in 1997 when they were really starting to make a big name for themselves. This helped them to grow exponentially and become a global brand. Crystal are both ATOL and ABTA protected.



They are actually the most successful ski holiday tour operator in the whole of the UK, offering chalets all over Europe, for a fun packed holiday. You can also take your pick between fun, young and wild skiing trips or proper professional skiing breaks or even the destinations which are mainly used by families with small children.

Understanding the level and intensity of the area for skiing should come into your consideration, based on your experience and bravery, as the last thing you want to do is get injured while abroad.

As a quick reminder, make sure you book travel insurance that covers skiing while booking your holiday. It is always much better to book it on the same day, while reading through all the excursions covered in the details is critical.

Crystal offers such a vast range of different locations, for example they have 30 resorts in France alone! If you feel like going a little bit further afield, you can also go on a skiing holiday to North America and Russia. I would personally recommend Switzerland, France or Austria.


Other Holidays

If you’re considering booking a holiday with Crystal that isn’t a skiing break then don’t worry as they also have a very strong reputation for trips to areas around lakes and mountains. This is a contrast to most UK based tour operators that like to offer beach breaks. Don’t get me wrong, you can still book a beach holiday through Crystal, however they have quite a strong reputation for holidays in the countryside, where you can go hiking, go on a city break or simply just escape for a while. There are a number of spa breaks available, while you can even book a musical cultural experience in Verona or take to the canals of Venice.

Activity holidays with Crystal are becoming more popular, such as horse back breaks in Austria or Northern Lights watching in Norway.

You can take your pick from a cheaper self catering break to a five star all inclusive luxury hotel.


Crystal Holidays Review

According to Review centre, they have a low rating of 2 out of 5 from 39 reviews, plus an equally poor 4.9 out of 10 on Trustpilot from 11 reviews. All in all, these are small numbers, however they aren’t positive, so this should be remembered before booking. Once again however, I feel the reviews are a bit unfair on the tour operator, as they don’t reflect the holiday sold, the handling of the sales process or anything within the companies control, as a lot of complaints were based on matters out of their hands. There does seem to be a constant issue with poor reps once you’re out there, however this seems to be consistent across the board for all tour operators in Europe.