Who Are They?

Holiday Hypermarket is another tour operator which is actually part of the TUI travel PLC group, with others including Thomson Holidays and First Choice. What does this mean for you? Well, you can 100% trust them, as TUI run a tight ship, where poor customer service can’t be accepted as this would tarnish the name. This also means you don’t have to worry about financial protection, as they are both ATOL and ABTA protected, while all bookings online are highly secured.

They have a UK based call centre, which means if you call up you don’t have to worry about the sales team or customer service team having issues with language barriers. I don’t mean that in a mean way to foreign call centres, but I cannot handle another call with Virgin Media!

What Do They Offer?

You can really pick and choose the holiday to suit you, however they have built a reputation for offering package holidays at great prices. You can really look around for the trip that will suit your budget, as they offer everything from basic but fun to living like a celebrity. They even offer ski holidays!

In general, the lowest star rating you will find through the site is 2 stars, as they like to set a minimum standard to make it onto the site, which I always see as a positive, but I wouldn’t expect much from those 2 star ‘hotels’.

Make sure you check out their late deals for any bargains before booking.

They do offer some long distance destinations, something many of their competitors don’t, while I also like the look of some of their offers to more extraordinary locations like Lapland. Of course, you can also book a trip to Disneyland Paris through them, so it is one for the kids as well.

Worth checking out as well is there UK city break options, as if you really are on a lower budget, they do have some great trips much closer to home, while this will lead you off to their sister site Superbreaks. Through this page you can book gig tickets, theatre tickets or even a eurostar to Paris. You can even book tickets for Alton Towers from here!


As I have noticed from each and every tour operator, they have a glowing report on Feefo, made up of almost 6,000 reviews giving it a five star rating. How accurate this is I wouldn’t put my money on as I’m getting fed up of companies manipulating their online reviews through Feefo, so I’ve also checked a few other sites.

On Review Centre, they have got 2.2 out of 5, from 25 reviews, however this going to the opposite end of the spectrum, people only go onto this site to read about a company or to make a complaint, never to write up a glowing report.

Being part of the giant TUI family means there never going to be a shoddy dodgy company, so you can rest assured, while the holiday I booked with them went swimmingly well, making it almost more difficult to accurately review as you need a bad experience to test how they react.

There site is very well laid out and you can easily book your holiday without any real issues.


Getting In Contact

They have an 0800 number, a brilliant aspect if you are calling from a house phone and also something other travel companies fail to offer. You can reach them on 0800 916 5100 or alternatively on  01642 420 404. If you do plan on calling, make sure to check the opening times below:

Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 9:30pm

Friday 9:00am – 8:00pm 

Saturday 9:00am – 8:00pm

Sunday 9:30am – 7:30pm

I will say one further point on this topic, I’m impressed they stay open as late as 9:30pm, as I know I book my trips in the late afternoon / evening and get incredibly frustrated when they all shut at 5:30pm on the dot.

The address for their office is at the main TUI HQ:

TUI Travel House,

Crawley Business Quarter,

Fleming Way,


West Sussex,

RH10, 9QL


How Social

So how social are they? Well, they’ve certainly put a lot of effort into their Facebook campaigns, with an unbelievable 205,974 likes (at time of writing). This stands head and shoulders above many of their competitors, however with the TUI budget at hand, it is clear they have the support to reach this level, as well as the internal guidance and management. They do seem to be quite active as well, posting approximately twice per day. Considering the high amount of people liking and sharing, I would assume they are boosting each post.

Their Twitter account isn’t quite as strong, sitting at 8,613 followers, however they do average about 5 tweets per day. Their tweets are a mix of sales & offers, top resorts and an interesting article, as well as their weekly posts (e.g. Monday Motivation).

I do love it when travel companies broaden out a bit and Holiday Hypermarket have built a profile on Pinterest, with 692 followers, however it seems to be a bit more quiet on that front currently. Their final major push is on Google+, which always falls down to the number of views as the most crucial element, as they have 422 followers, yet 519,274 views.

I recently highlighted this point to a client when stating their often ignored local Google+ page had received 1.2 million views, yet they hadn’t checked it in over a year. H-Hype do post regularly on Google+, however they haven’t quite taken to the platform, with no responses on any of the posts.

The Holiday Hacks with Josh Marshall is a nice touch, which they have on their YouTube channel. I quite like their channel, probably being the best part of their social campaign, while they do come out with some very useful tips. The one issue they do have here is uploading a group of videos within a short time period and then going quiet for an extended period of time, which can have a negative impact on the subscriber list.