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Binocular Football In Brighton


I recently got the chance to try both binocular football and bubble football in Brighton, which was amazing fun, however it definitely leaves you a bit dizzy.

Binocular football

No they're not drunk, this is binocular football guys! Looks easier than it actually is, but it's good fun for sure. Tag your mates and get involved! #stagdo #ladsontour

Posted by The Stag Company on Thursday, 21 January 2016

Posted by The Stag Company on Thursday, 21 January 2016

You see me in the video about half way in missing the ball about 25 times…winning!

Beyond just playing a game with your mates, you are given a number of tasks to complete in pairs, racing against another two people in your group. Many involved running around cones and then shooting at goal, but it is a lot harder than it looks. One of the goggles makes everything look really close, while the other seemed to make your vision jump upside down.

I actually did pretty well, all the way up until I swapped goggles, which is where I was recorded in the video making a tit of myself, ah well! You get the course for around 1-2 hours, but most of that time is spent laughing on the floor.

So What Is Google Football?

I figured I should quickly explain this, as everyone stared at me blankly in the pub when I said what I had been up to. This is a fun activity, normally tried out by stag groups, where you strap binoculars to your face and then play football or complete tasks with a ball. It’s best when you’re in a group of mates, so you can battle against each other. Think 5-a-side on mushrooms.


The Location

One heads up if you plan on booking this, it is located just outside of Brighton. Not too far if you all pitch together for a cab, but just be prepared to as you definitely can’t walk there. It is in the direction of Rottingdean (from memory, I get lost very quickly). There is free parking available for when we arrived, while they also had a couple of vending machines incase you get hungry. There was supposedly a cafe but it was shut when we arrived (it was about 7pm to be fair).

Multiple Activities

The best part about the whole day is that there are multiple activities you can try in the building. It is a building resembling a school gym, with a number of surrounding fields, meaning you can play inside or outside football, hockey or bubble football.

Things To Try In Brighton

I’ve been investigating Brighton a lot more recently for fun things to try a bit closer to home and have managed to tick off some amazing things. Below are my top things to try in Brighton so far:

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