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Costa Rica offers many images for people, whether it be the beautiful beaches or scuba diving spots, however for me my mind instantly jumps to former premier league footballer Paulo Wanchope. Being the 2nd best scorer internationally in their countries history, he has every right to be a national treasure, having more international goals than Alan Shearer! This country has a glorious wildlife scene, offering 5% of the globes biodiversity. This might sound reasonable, until you realise the landmass only accounts for 0.3% of the planets surface, making it an ecological phenomenon. The wages might not be high like the Western world, however the average is actually the highest of any country in Central America, therefore comparatively they are doing alright. Once you’ve become a gringo in this beautiful honeymoon-driven holiday destination, you’ll never want to leave or return to a normal office lifestyle again. I highlighted its image of the beach lifestyle, well it offers 801 miles of coastline, therefore it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise it has this relaxed reputation. Of course, there is a strong contrast with the huge presence of 121 volcanic formations, with the active ones followed closely for any dangerous movements. If you’re keeping an eye out for wildlife, you’re highly likely to spot a monkey while there.

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