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The number one spot for honeymoons, expect to be surrounded by gushing couples as they celebrate their matrimony. With easily some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the sad truth is that scientists are predicting the Maldives will be non existent within 20 years. As the water levels rise, these low level islands are slowly disappearing, so make sure you visit before its too late. Get ready for a whole lot of scuba diving as well! We went there in 2018 and it certainly lived up to expectations. But be careful when picking the right island. Some are very strict Muslim islands, meaning you’re not allowed to drink or wear revealing clothing, therefore these ones might not live up to the image in your head. Of course with 1,190 coral islands you really will have to consider carefully, but you can do a little island hopping, but this is quite expensive. Something I do wish I saw is the underwater restaurant, one of only two in the world (the other is in Dubai), however the prices are a little steep and they only offered seafood. But this would be a great spot for a romantic evening on your honeymoon. Of course, you have to tip your hat to their sense of humour, as they also hosted the first ever underwater cabinet meeting, with everyone in scuba costumes. I’m guessing the paper was lamented down.