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With 3 Uni friends coming from Jersey, I would hear story after story about the little island just off France and their rivalry with Guernsey. It is hard not to fall in love with the area, hosting some incredibly friendly people and a much more relaxed way of life. The tourism industry isn’t booming like it once was, with many hotels sadly shutting down, but it is still a highly enjoyable place to visit that I would definitely recommend to others. Most people think of Jersey and they go straight to the milk, for good reason, it tastes so much creamier. But they are also synonymous with the woollen trade. This is actually how the knitted jumpers got nicknamed ‘jersey’s’, random fact for you. As Jersey is only 5 miles wide, you are always a walk from the sea at any point, while you can certainly get much better weather than across the pond here in England. Of course, with the wealth of residents on the island, it should come unsurprisingly that they have more cars per person than anywhere else in the world. Lucky sods, I don’t even have one yet. But one souvenir my friends always like to take home is the pound note. It also includes the Queen smiling away, something we don’t often spot.