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Japan has often been known in the Western world as the home of technology and futuristic robots, however there is also another side to Japan we don’t often see, the natural landscapes and picturesque buildings which would leave your jaw on the ground. Including Kinkaku-Ji, Osaka castle, Jigokudani monkey park, Arashiyama and Nikko national park, there is plenty for you to see beyond a cheeky robot walking. three quarters of the country is actually covered in forest or mountains. In fact, you should definitely have a read of my list of things to do in Japan. However, the technology aspect is certainly pretty cool. I mean, this is the country that introduced Nintendo, Sony, Honda, Panasonic, Toshiba, Toyota and Sharp. Plus they created Pokemon, the 12 year old in me would still love to catch a Charmander. While in areas like India and Indonesia, the population under 25 years old is almost 50%, it is the reverse in Japan with an ageing population. The lifespan for people in Japan is much longer than the western world, which doesn’t seem that surprising when you think how much seafood and portions of fruit and vegetables they eat and the lack of red meat and alcohol. In fact, so long is the lifespan and ageing population that they actually sell more adult diapers than children’s ones.