100 things to do before you die

Whether you were inspired by the YES man, felt like changing your life or have been touched by a travelling experience, we all have a set of goals and things we would love to achieve before we die. The most common experience on people’s list is to swim with dolphins, while a surprisingly large amount of people would love to swim with sharks (also on my list). Have a read through my list and see how many you have ticket off yourself, I’m on 48 so far. Even better, write your own list and send it through to me!

Below is my personal list of 100 things to do before you die…how many have you completed

  1. Tubing in Asia.
  2. Go zorbing.
  3. Scuba dive.
  4. Shoot a gun.
  5. See the Great Barrier Reef.
  6. Go zipwiring.
  7. Fly a helicopter/plane.
  8. Build a website.
  9. Drive a supercar.
  10. Throw tomatoes at La Tomatina.
  11. Go white water rafting.
  12. Ride a horse.
  13. Spend a night in an igloo village.
  14. See the Northern Lights.
  15. Go husky sledding.
  16. Learn to sail.
  17. Roadtrip across route 66.
  18. Learn to speak another language fluently.
  19. Attend a major sporting event.
  20. Climb a mountain.
  21. Drive along the Great Ocean Road in Australia.
  22. Drink too much at Oktoberfest.
  23. Drive on the autobahn.
  24. visit Halong Bay.
  25. Go on a safari.
  26. See a legendary musician.
  27. Walk on the Great wall of China.
  28. Look after an elephant.
  29. Swim alongside a sea turtle.
  30. Laugh the whole day at Edinburgh festival.
  31. Become the boss.
  32. Eat fondue.
  33. See the Giants causeway.
  34. Drink a Guinness in Dublin.
  35. Trek Machu Picchu.
  36. Ride a motorbike.
  37. Drive a quad bike.
  38. Jet ski.
  39. Learn to surf.
  40. Kayak a river/lake.
  41. Paintballing.
  42. Take a hot air balloon.
  43. Go karting.
  44. Shower under a waterfall.
  45. Stay on a remote island.
  46. See the Iguaza falls.
  47. Dance at Rio during Carnival.
  48. Spend New Years drinking Pina Colada’s abroad.
  49. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  50. Sleep under the stars.
  51. Spend Christmas in New York.
  52. Go Skiing.
  53. Make a video go viral.
  54. Act on a big stage or make a big presentation.
  55. Whale watching.
  56. Water Ski / Wakeboarding.
  57. Shark cage diving.
  58. See a glacier.
  59. Visit Stone Henge.
  60. Cheese rolling at Cooper’s Hill.
  61. Visit Tibet.
  62. Take a cruise.
  63. Do the tango in Argentina.
  64. Watch the World cup in the host country.
  65. Take a trip across the Amazon.
  66. bathe in a hot spring.
  67. Float in the dead sea.
  68. See an active volcano.
  69. Sleep in a haunted house or a castle.
  70. Go to New Zealand and see where Lord Of The Rings was set.
  71. Hug a koala bear.
  72. Swim with dolphins.
  73. Ride a camel across a desert.
  74. See a tiger up close.
  75. Go to a drive in movie.
  76. Find your way through Longleat hedge maze.
  77. Party in New Orleans through Mardi Gras.
  78. Ride an ostrich in Asia.
  79. Ride a gondola in Venice.
  80. Go to the Galapagos Islands.
  81. Visit Saxon Switzerland national park.
  82. Go travelling for more than 3 weeks.
  83. See the Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx.
  84. Spend all your money in Vegas.
  85. See the Taj Mahal.
  86. Eat at an undersea restaurant.
  87. Sing at a karaoke.
  88. Learn to bartend.
  89. Learn a form of martial arts.
  90. Spend Spring Break in Cancun.
  91. Swim a big distance.
  92. Do a big activity for charity.
  93. See the Colosseum.
  94. Visit O Cristo Redentor in Rio De Janerio.
  95. Go to Sydney opera house.
  96. Go to a full moon party in Thailand.
  97. Check out all the futuristic technology in Tokyo.
  98. Visit Easter Island.
  99. Learn to juggle.
  100. Fly a kite.

The Table

Post me your record so far at tom@spaghettitraveller.com and I will include your score below. I am only mid table so far, however hoping to catch up a bit over the next few months!

Sidhartha Yalavarthi68
John Ashfield60
Amanda Till58
Andrew Lervick49
Maximilian Wurm48
Simon Templeman47
James Black47
David Adams47
Laurence Wright45
Tom Bourlet (me)44
Lydia-Jane Sparrow43
Matthias Zaussinger42
Ed Bateman42
Faye Fletcher41
Ross Matthews41
Alberto Panhania40
Patrick Schmidt40
Morgan Riley39
Niket Anjaria38
Adrienne Schlatter37
Tommy Baker37
Cat Goulbourne33
Christopher Barnard32
Khan Tauseef32
Kunal Sharma32
Daniel Blackman29
Elliot Gamble29
Larry Thompson29
Matt Daley26
Joseph Deppeler23
Nicola Howe22
Lorenzo Fiorletta21
Sebastien Duverger19
Jessica Skusek19
Miriam Indries19
Chandler Garcia18
Lee Davies18
Quai Quidato14
Katherine Mitchell12
Conor Tierney12

The number one spot is now held by John Ashfield, who also came out with extra recommendations:

I got to 60 but there were a number of others that I’ve done but in different locations!

So let’s look deeper into that top 100 if you’re trying to tick them all off.

1) Tubing In Asia

This is most popular in Laos, however the laws and availability have changed a little as there were a few deaths, as people got too drunk drinking at the bars along the side as they floated along.

2) Go Zorbing

For most people, this will involve rolling down a hill in a giant inflatable ball. However, as I had to run the Bubble Football World Cup, where I had to put on a zorb around 1,000 times, I’m going to personally tick this one off. If you’re looking to do zorbing, the UK is a great place to give it a go, setup in every city.

3) Scuba Dive

If you want to do it in the best way possible then it would have to be at the barrier reef. Having said that, anywhere in the world would be cool to dive, it’s just about getting your padi qualification first. Most beach resorts that offer this will run training programmes if you’re there for a few days.

4) Shoot A Gun

This sounds like a weird one to recommend, considering I’m against guns, but it is so much fun! I first did this in America (of course), however I also shot a shotgun in Budapest. If you head over to Cambodia, the options get a little weird but the guns get bigger.

5) See The Great Barrier Reef

Probably the biggest tourist attraction to Australia, this should be on everyone’s list, although make sure not to damage anything when you visit and don’t try to take anything with you. It’s sad to think in years to come it could look a whole lot smaller.

6) Go Zipwiring

This one can be done in pretty much any country around the world, so your options are open. If you don’t have a huge budget, you can look to see if there is one in a city nearby. Then again, the views might not be as spectacular as doing it through a jungle.

7) Fly A Helicopter/Plane

These are surprisingly cheap to book, often listed as gift vouchers for birthdays or corporate presents. My fear of heights would certainly kick in, but you will be achieving something truly spectacular.

8) Build A Website

Well I can tick that one off! You shouldn’t be afraid to build a website, it is incredibly easy, but if you do want some advice then feel free to get in contact. I now run around 8 different sites which have all brought me huge joy (not to mention free holidays, which doesn’t go amiss).

9) Drive A Supercar

Another item you will find under voucher gift sites, you can visit a track for the day and drive a very expensive car very quickly. I guess for myself I need to get my actual driving license first…Yes, I don’t have a license yet.

10) Throw A Tomato At La Tomatina

This Spanish festival is down as one of the most bizarre in the world by a long shot. You have to squeeze the tomato before throwing it, so it doesn’t hurt anyone. Taking place once a year in Bunol on the 28th August, this will leave you red in the face.

11) Go White Water Rafting

This is arguably my favourite thing in the world! I get so much joy out of white water rafting, but I have to recommend you go for a harder rapids, the easy ones do become a little tame as you go.

12) Ride A Horse

I did this once, only once, but it was in Texas on a ranch with some cowboys, so I feel happy I did it in the most cool way. Weirdly my fear of heights started kicking in once I was up there, not something I expected!

13) Spend A Night In An Igloo Village

The real deal is Kakslauttanen, based in Norway and is fast becoming one of their biggest tourist attractions for honeymoons or loved up couples. Of course, I’m sure there are cheaper alternatives, but if you want to live the dream then here it is.

14) See The Northern Lights

You can actually double up on the last point if you’re lucky, as Norway is a great place to see the Aurora, however most people I know have gone to Iceland, so they can relax in a hot spring while looking up at the Northern Lights.

15) Go Husky Sledding

OK, you can definitely tick the last 3 points in one holiday (triple threat), as husky sleds are used to transport people to hard to reach cold destinations, wtihout the issues many cars will face. The most common places you can book this are in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

16) Learn To Sail

Point of sail, port, stern, helm, keel, jibe, these terms mean nothing to me, but you could be in the know if you took some sailing classes. You can book these at a decent price, especially when compared to buying yourself a boat.

17) Roadtrip Across Route 66

This one was slightly out of our way and our targeted destinations when road tripping in America, but we took some misdirection’s so we could tick it off. I think you can be happy if you have done a road trip anywhere with mates on a long path, it’s more about the connection and the joy of feeling free.

18) Learn To Speak Another Language Fluently

I have tried, oh I have tried, there is something incredibly embarrassing about being English, as we have absolutely no language skills, we barely speak our own language. I spent a few months in South America trying to learn Spanish, at the end all I knew was that I was a gringo.

19) Attend A Major Sporting Event

The World Cup, Olympic Games, The Super Bowl, Wimbledon, it doesn’t matter what sport you’re into, everyone should embrace the experience of watching a live match at a great venue in a great tournament at some point in their lives. Many Londoners can happily say they ticked this off after the Olympics, but I was away, damnit. Therefore the World Cup will always be my aim.

20) Climb A Mountain

not a hill, I mean a full blown mountain and I respect everyone that ticks this off. It is an amazing achievement that they will be able to talk about for the rest of their lives. Having said that, I would avoid Everest at the moment, with some terrible stories coming back from the mountaintops.

21) Drive along the Great Ocean Road in Australia

I’ve already mentioned a road trip along Route 66, however the views along that road certainly don’t offer such picturesque views as the Great Ocean Road. It has become a ticklist item for Australia, popular with young and old alike, as long as you have a driving license or know someone who does.

22) Drink too much at Oktoberfest

This one has been on my personal list for about a decade, but something else has always come up, especially given the time being close to my birthday, however I’m pretty sure this one will be ticked in the next couple of years. My liver won’t like me for it, but there are Oktoberfest parties going on all over Germany, with the biggest in Munich.

23) Drive on the autobahn

I’m seriously screwed with several of these, as I don’t have a driving license, but the autobahn with its relaxed laws on driving limits means this one is hugely popular for boy racers. There is a surprisingly low amount of crashes, due to the fact fast drivers don’t have to constantly slow down, maybe something we should learn from over here in the UK.

24) Visit Halong Bay

If you’ve seen the images, then you’ll understand why I describe it as an image from the Pirate lego box, a truly spectacular sight to see. This is by far the number one thing to do in Vietnam.

25) Go On A Safari

I ticked this one off in 2019, going on a tour of the Maasai Mara in Kenya, a truly mind blowing experience that allows you to get up close and personal with the incredible animals. Wildlife should play a huge role in your bucket list and everyone should have an African safari in there.

26) See A Legendary Musician

The Rolling Stones, Muse, Led Zeppelin, whatever your music taste, you should see someone who changed music forever. We’re talking the top stars, that your kids and grandchildren will talk about. I’ve met a number of them, but I haven’t seen too many great ones live, perhaps the biggest being Green Day.

27) Walk On The Great Wall Of China

I’m not expecting you to pace along the entire wall, considering it can be seen from space! However a quick walk along the Great Wall of China would be a brilliant story to tell people back home, not to mention some great photos as well.

28) Look After An Elephant

Whether you go to Thailand, Cambodia or Kenya, there are elephant sanctuaries, where you can wash and feed them. Just don’t try to ride them, this causes them a huge amount of pain and is exploited by people trying to get money from tourists.

29) Swim Alongside A Sea Turtle

I’ve been in many oceans where they should be, but I just haven’t had the luck to swim alongside one. It is still the dream, while looking at other people’s pictures really gives you FOMO. It’s the ultimate travel blogger photo shot.

30) Laugh The Whole Day At Edinburgh Festival

I did this at the young age of 18 and I would love to do it again. Whether you book the big name comedians or just fill into a pub, there are shows on from midday till midnight each day. Your jaw will certainly hurt after all the laughter, that’s a promise.

31) Become The Boss

Working your way up the career ladder can be stressful, especially at the start, but once you become the boss it will all feel worth it. Whether you go in alone and start your own business, or rise up internally to head up a department, this should be a key part of your list of things to do before you die, even if it isn’t quite as fun as some on this list.

32) Eat Fondue

I mean, it’s cheese, what else do I need to say? I don’t have a sweet tooth like most others, my food addiction is all around cheese, therefore this might not make it onto everyone’s list, but if a pot of melted cheese doesn’t make you drool then there must be something wrong with you, unless you’re lactose intolerant.

33) See The Giants Causeway

While many people recognise the sight, they are often surprised to find out it is based in Northern Ireland. This absolute beauty is just a short trip for us based in England, therefore it feels criminal that I’ve never been. There are plenty of walking tours here, but be careful as it can be slippy when wet.

34) Drink A Guinness In Dublin

Forget what you think about the taste of Guinness, it has to be said that it tastes so much better when in Dublin. I’m honestly not just saying that, it is a world apart from what we can normally get, but I have no idea why. It’s just so much creamier, plus you can visit the brewery for a full on experience and try a pint on the top floor.

35) Trek Machu Picchu

I was in a stressful job, I wanted out, so I booked a one way flight to Peru! A week later I was trekking up mountains to get to Machu Picchu, easily one of the greatest experiences of my life. I would strongly recommend this to anyone with a sense of adventure and wanting to break from the normal travel locations or holiday resorts.

So, have I missed some more from the list? Do let me know, eventually I want to make this list 500 long!