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When people think of travelling, Thailand is almost always the first country people think of (except Thai people I guess). This theme largely stems from the movie ‘The Beach’, which shot up visitors to the island following Leonardo Di Caprio’s antics. It also helps that Bangkok has some of the most relaxed laws in the world. Do remember though, their drug laws are incredibly strict, get caught with a little bit of weed and you could be looking at a few years in jail! I would recommend exploring outside Bangkok however, as there is so much to see! It should be highlighted that Maya Beach (the Beach) was beyond disappointing. The crowds were extensive and were destroying the location, however the government have finally stepped in and plan on reducing visitors drastically, however when one goes, another takes its place. Monkey island will probably be the next one. You should also make sure to stay away from anything illegal. This might sound obvious, but the rules in Thailand are much more strict than back home and there is a huge amount of Brits locked up abroad, not realising what the reality would be if caught. Interesting fact, Thailand was the only country in South East Asia that managed to completely hold off the European powers from colonisation.