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Ah, I can happily say Peru is my favourite country in the world. I spent a month here at the end of 2013, however I could have easily spent a year here and still have a giant Peru to-do list. Machu Picchu inevitably takes a key place on everyone’s list, bringing in over 50% of Peru’s tourism, however I would also recommend looking a bit deeper. For example, a holiday in Peru isn’t complete without spending some time at Huacachina, an oasis in the middle of the desert where you can sandboard and dunebuggy over the dunes, while partying into the night. You could also mountain bike down a volcano in Arequipa, the list feels endless! We’re all very luck that Machu Picchu is around for us all to see, as the Spanish would probably have destroyed all the relics of the building, not that it would take anything away from the mountainous view which depicts every bucket list guide. If you do head over to Arequipa for the Colca Canyons and to explore and hike, you should also add white water rafting to your itinerary. Easily my favourite thing to do in the world, the rapids were a decent level here. They even managed to convince me to do a little cliff jumping, something I always fear due to my fear of heights. I don’t think I will ever visit a country that can take Peru’s place as my favourite country in the world.