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Where do you start with somewhere as big as Africa? Unlike most of the other category pages, this is where I want to look at topics that group several countries on this continent together, such as the wildlife in Africa. Of course, with 54 countries in Africa I will try to do my best to separate these all out and write unique posts for each as and when I can. Africa hosts 15% of the worlds population, with Nigeria holding the most people, at 185 million. Madagascar has been a top consideration for a good while for myself, somewhere we very nearly booked recently, but had to cancel as the flights seemed extortionate. There is so much to see while in Africa, from climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to going on a safari tour. Lake Victoria is also worth checking out, considering it is the 2nd largest fresh water lake in the world. The rich Victoria lakes offer a stark contrast to the intensely dry Sahara desert, where everything is battling for water in order to survive. We all came originally from Africa, every single one of us, so a visit can be seen as having a look at where your great ancestors would have come from. There are a huge complexity of languages and cultures, due to the colonisation of times gone by.