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Find out everything about this beautiful country, such as the best Albanian food to try while visiting, to the bests things to do such as the Blue Eye, Rozafa castle and Skanderbeg Square. Albania is a place close to me due to one of my close mates Ervin being from there, therefore I always heard stories and saw pictures of this amazing country. One thing you may not know is that Albanians don’t call it Albania, they call it Shqipëri, good luck saying that out loud! If you do visit and plan on taking the bus, forget a timetable, this is something that is quite bizarre yet humorous about Albania, in that they simply go when they want to and when the bus is starting to fill up. I don’t think you could ever have that here in the UK, we’re to obsessed with timetables and schedules. Oh, one extra thing, Mother Theresa was Albanian, so now you know someone famous from there!