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Everyone is so keen to talk about Vienna, but Salzburg is an unbelievable place to visit and is seeing an increase in tourism with each year goneby, largely thanks to the stunning photography coming from the area. The most famous former resident, by a country mile, has to be Mozart. However beyond music and history, one of the biggest attractions to the area is the Krimml falls (or Krimmler Wasserfalle) which are the tallest in Europe, standing at a remarkable 380 metres high. The Hohensalzburg fortress is a great sight, especially if snow has settled on the castle. Needless to say, this makes my list of things to do in Salzburg. Then again, you’d have to be part mad to visit Salzburg and not have a quick look at the castle, overlooking the town and open all year round. All around the castle there was a lot of salt mining that took place, which is how it got the name Salzburg. One drink you might not expect to drink while there is Red Bull, but it is the hometown of this energetic drink.