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Bosnia is still a very ‘unticked off’ country, not being a tourist resort for long, meaning you can check it out before the crowds begin to arrive. With some amazing natural views on display, I would recommend checking out Kravice and Stari Most. Of course, for a complete guide have a read of my list of things to do in Bosnia. A lot of things are a first for this country, with their football team competing in their first ever major footballing tournament in 2014 at the World Cup. Bosnian people are very hard working, which shouldn’t be a surprise when you learn they are the 10th highest consumers of coffee per capita in the world. That caffeine certainly helps them moving in the morning! Nicknamed the ‘heart shaped land’, you may struggle a little to see the heart shape when looking on a map, but it is a cute name to have (no doubt some marketer for their tourist board has a big grin on his face right now). But if you do plan on deeply exploring the country, do be aware that there are still live land mines scattered throughout the country from the Bosnian civil war. Believed to be the worst in the world, it is thought there are approximately 220,000 of them still buried. However the BHMAC is working hard to get them all removed and protect residents from potential damage.