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When I ask people what was their favourite holiday, it seems an ever increasing amount of people answer Reykjavik. If you pick the right spot and time you can get a great view of the Northern Lights while relaxing in a hot spring. If that isn’t enough for you, why not check out the Blue Lagoon, the Golden Circle or Gullfoss. It’s tie to the Vikings (hence some of the mind blowing episodes of the TV series) is potentially a reason for why they have so many world famous bodybuildings and powerlifters, they are a seriously strong group! We talk about the cold climate in Iceland, but it is also known as the home of fire and ice, as it has more than 125 volcanic mountains, some are even active still. A good few of us will remember the disruptions to the airlines throughout Europe when the last eruption occurred, not that I’d want to put you off at all as this has to be top of your list of things to do before you die. The glaciers are also a key sight to see while visiting. But one really interesting fact about Iceland is that with all the volcanic activity, they pretty much don’t use any fossil fuels and 80% of the energy that powers the nation comes from natural eco-friendly sources. Can you imagine living in a house where your radiator was heated via geothermal waters pumped up from the ground below your city?