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Everyone who visits South East Asia seems to end up in Thailand, but there are so many amazing countries you should visit, including Indonesia. Here you can find a real dragon! OK, a Komodo dragon, but they pack a venomous punch and are definitely worth getting a photo of, stretching up to 10 feet long. That isn’t the only oversized thing you will see here, with Indonesia hosting the world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia Arnoldi. The petals alone can grow half a metre long, while…It kind of looks like pepperoni (I know that’s not the most intellectual or useful fact, but it’s true). While the country is generally very peaceful, they do have a history of political issues (what country doesn’t), with easily the most corrupt leader in the history of the world in President Suharto, who stepped down in 1998. In total, it is believed he embezzled almost 35 billion dollars! I’ve mentioned large flowers and large lizards, well now I want to highlight a large football stadium. The Gelora Bung Karno stadium holds 77,193 people, however when it was first built it could actually hold a remarkable 120,800 people! Indonesia is a Republican state, however as it has the world’s largest Muslim population, it largely follows the ideas of the Islamic state.