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The country has been slightly plagued with the stereotypes produced by the movie Borat, however it certainly increased the general awareness surrounding the country. The Medeu is definitely worth a visit, while there are a number of buildings with incredible architecture and design. The sad truth is it hasn’t got a huge tourism industry yet, however there are plenty of things to do in Kazakhstan. If a traveller needs another reason to go there, the name Kazakhstan translates to ‘land of the wanderers’, so that says it all! It’s a huge country, however the population is relatively low, meaning it can be a great place to go to the countryside relax your mind. Forget Tesco’s, horse meat is a common culinary dish here, making up a huge portion of their meat intake. They have a close connection to horses, as the ancient civilisation that lived here were the first people in the world to domesticate and ride horses. In fact, most images on travel books of the area will include a snapshot of horses running through the countryside. Random fact, despite being the biggest landlocked country in the world, they still have a navy.