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Just North of China, Mongolia isn’t a country on everyone’s bucket list, but maybe it should be, with some picturesque views on display. From the Gorkhi Terelj national park to the Gobi desert, you will find a fair amount to do, while I would also recommend taking a look at the flaming cliffs. For a full list of activities, take a look at my list of things to check out while on holiday in Mongolia. If you’re hoping to spot a rare animal then you will be in luck, with the endangered 2 humped Bactrian camel living here. They even have a festival to celebrate and protect these amazing animals. They also have a two day festival celebrating the golden eagle. The land expands for a huge distance, therefore the locals aren’t used to having visitors, but it also pushes them to put a huge importance on welcoming guests. They therefore keep a bowl of salty milk tea (a traditional drink here) ready and warm in case a visitor pops by. It is this level of hospitality you should expect when travelling here. Being a very cold country in the winter, you may find it surprising to learn they LOVE an ice cream, it is a big seller here! Of course, the name you will see and hear the most has to be Genghis Khan who ran the second biggest empire in the world ever, behind the British.