La Casa De Bamboo – review

La Casa De Bamboo in Peru 

le casa de bamboo

The La Casa De Bamboo is located directly opposite the Banana hostel in Huacachina and is a great alternative place to eat rather than the hostels. Many people reported food poisoning from the hostels, however within just a few yards you can eat an absolutely scrumptious Thai curry or chocolate crepe. The prices are also lower than the hostels, just to add to the impressiveness. As you can tell from the picture above, it is just a vegetarian restaurant, which probably helps with keeping prices down, however the vegetarian options by far beat any of the meat dishes served in Huacachina.

The one downside I felt when visiting was that it would sometimes shut much earlier if they didn’t have any customers, completely understandable but it also meant we would have to change plans every now and then.

Here are some of the dishes you can order and their prices (prices and menu as of October 2013) with all currency in the Peruvian Sole:

Breakfast (but seems to be available all day)

Americano (coffee or tea, passion fruit juice, bread, butter, jam and two eggs) = 12 S

Continental (coffee or tea, passion fruit juice, bread, butter and jam) = 9 S


cappuccino chocolate pequeno = 2 S

Latte flat white = 3 s

cappuccino chocolate grande = 4 s

cheese = 2 s

avocado = 2 s

peanut butter = 3 s

marmite = 4 s

Fruit Salad – mix of seasonal fruits with natural yogurt, honey and puffed wheat = large is 12 s, small is 8 s

Porridge – with honey and milk = 6 s

French toast – 2 slices of bread dipped in egg and fried with honey or maple syrup = 6 s

Cornflakes with milk = 8 s

2 slices of brown or white toast

 with marmite = 6 s

– with peanut butter = 5 s

– with butter and jam = 3 s



– lime and sugar = 5 s

– honey or maple syrup = 5 s

– chocolate = 5 s

– caramel = 5 s

– fruit = 8 s

– cheese = 8 s

– mozzarella, tomato and pesto = 10 s


– peanut butter and jelly = 8 s

– egg and mayo = 7 s

– humus and olive = 10 s

– mozzarella, tomato and pesto = 10 s

Dips – humus or guacamole with a choice of pitta bread or raw vegetables or tortilla chips – Large = 14 s, small = 8 s

Main Meals

Thai Curry – Spicy red Thai curry with coconut milk and vegetables, served with a choice of rice or noodles = 18 s (My recommendation) see below:

red thai curry

Falafel – served with pitta bread, salad and humus = 14 s


– with tomato sauce and mushrooms = 12 s

– with pesto = 14 s

– with mozzarella and basil = 15 s

–  with a mushroom and parmesan sauce = 15 s


There is also a wide selection of deserts such as the chocolate fudge brownies, banoffee pie, mocha sundae, pecan banana sundae and the Helado.

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