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Los Angeles is a bit hit and miss with people I know. We didn’t have the best time, but I don’t want to put off anything thinking of visiting, so I’ll try to share as much information as possible. Hollywood certainly has its celebrity appeal, consider I got the chance to meet Tom Hanks! A walk down Hollywood Boulevard will allow you to see all the big stars on the street and hopefully arrive at the time a premier is on. Stay in a local hostel and you will find hundreds of budding actors hoping to get their break on the screen. If you want to witness one of the most poshest areas in the USA then it is worth exploring Beverly Hills and getting a snap of the welcome sign. When we think of oil we tend to think of fields in Saudi Arabia or Russia, however back in 1923 25% of the world’s oil was produced here in LA. Another random fact for you is that it is illegal to lick a toad in Los Angeles, I presume that has something to do with getting high off their backs (going by a random South Park episode). Then again, there are a lot of weird laws here, such as you can’t cry on the witness stand, or even to have 2 children in a bathtub under two years old at the same time.