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The Bahamas, everyone’s ultimate honeymoon destination, is definitely a place you have to visit in your life. A lot of people just say “I’m heading to the Bahamas”, well, there are over 700 islands which come under this title, so you may need to explain a bit more!

The area covers over 250,000 square km, located in the Western Atlantic Ocean. We all learn at school how Christopher Columbus found America (well, we don’t get taught much about this at school in the UK, but I’m sure it’s a bit topic in the US). However what they often forget to mention is that Christopher’s first sight of this glorious landscape was in San Salvador island.

Read on below for all of the best sights, the top things to do and what you should expect while out there. Expect random pointless facts such as ‘The Bahamas is recognised as one of the most stable countries in the world, having had democratic rule for over 270 years’…Yer, you’re welcome!

Of course, if you’re with children, then ‘Disney Island‘ or Castaway Cay, might be the one for you, with regular cruises heading out there.