This is an exclusive island, purely serving people on the Disney cruise line ships, as they enter the Bahamas. With gorgeous tropical beaches, sports and attractions all available, this feels like the ultimate stop-off on your journey, both for adults and kids.

History Of Castaway Cay

The island actually has a relatively dark history, as it was used as a stop off point for drug runs over the past 50 years, however this was a considerable time ago, so you don’t have to worry about bumping into the wrong people. In fact, Disney spent an unbelievable $25 million in fixing up the island with all the facilities you could possibly imagine, so they could paint the picture of paradise. They even brought over thousands of tonnes of sand, so they could create the white sandy beaches you see now in the photos.
You might actually vaguely recognise the island. Can you guess where from? It was the set for Splash, where Tom Hanks first sees Daryl as the mermaid, who he falls in love with.


There was some strong controversy about Disney’s treatment of the area when building the scenery, as they had to explode large areas of coral, which homed a huge amount of sea life.

Things To Do In Castaway Cay

  1. Parasailing
  2. Bike Around The Island
  3. Volleyball
  4. Get A Massage
  5. Eat The Food (It’s All Inclusive)
  6. Explore The Entire Island
  7. Go Kayaking
  8. Ride The Water Slides
  9. Castaway Cay 5k
  10. Glass Bottom Boat

Alright, lets break these down a bit further. I’m hooked to parasailing, it has to be one of the best things to try while at the beach! It also allows you a completely different view of the island. If you’re brave enough, you could try bringing up an underwater camera, if you don’t think you will drop it. I’ve always felt like a fish to water, so if this is your area of fun, you should definitely give kayaking or snorkelling a try. 90% of people end up spending the day floating in the inner tubes, but I can’t help but swim out a bit to find the fish, away from all the splashing children.

You will probably eat your body weight in ice cream, therefore biking around the island might not be for you, but I like to burn off some of those extra calories I might have put on. Once again, it is a great way to see the island properly. Either way, you should definitely explore the island properly. Too many people get stuck on the first area they find and never see the entire area. You may also be happy to hear there is a beach purely for adults, allowing you to escape the kids for a bit. The adult only beach (Serenity Bay) is where you can get a massage.

The sport facilities feel endless, including volleyball, basketball and tetherball, so jump straight in. These are perfect for all ages, however there can sometimes be queues to get a turn with your family. You could even give the Castaway Cay 5k run a try if you feel the urge. 5k really isn’t that far, but most people probably aren’t in peak condition or are in the mood for a serious run while on holiday, but just remember nobody there is taking it very serious. You can happily walk it if you want.

If I haven’t mentioned the food properly, you should definitely try the BBQ! I also love they wide selection of fruit available (I’m a pineapple addict), so you can let your kids eat away without all the guilt.

Oh haven’t I mentioned? WATER SLIDES ARE AMAZING!!! They’re so much fun! Forget theme parks, I only ever go to water parks. Unfortunately here in England they are non-existent, as they would freeze over and would have no attendance for 10 months of the year. But soon as I jump on a plane, I’m checking whether there is a water park in the area. Well, water slides are here, so check out Pelican Plunge. Remember, you do have to be able to swim in order to ride these (you can wear a life vest if you like), as you are dumped out into the ocean, so you do have to swim back. It’s not very far, but a basic skill level is required.

My final option, the glass bottom boat ride, I find these quite boring, but if you have non-swimmers in the group then this can allow them to see the fish. My ex girlfriend was always a nervous swimmer so she enjoyed the glass bottom boat as it allowed her to get a glimpse into what I was seeing around the coral.


So, did I miss anything out or do you have a tip for anyone visiting this beautiful part of the Bahamas? Let me know in the comments below.


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