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Everyone should have dancing at Rio Carnival on their bucket list, I certainly do! Brazil is the country of contrast, offering something very different in each city, however the passion and feel is always the same, while their love for football is almost tangible. Football is life for Brazilians, considering they are the greatest country in the worlds history I guess it’s unsurprising, with the likes of Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Romario, Neymar, Socrates and Zico. The largest country in South America, the countries population is largely based down south, with the likes of Sao Paulo and Rio De janiero. Of course, I’d recommend having a read of my list of things to do in Sao Paulo if you’re thinking of heading over there. You should also keep your eyes out for the diverse range of wildlife you might see, with 600 mammal species living here. Of course, keep a closer eye out for the anacondas and alligators if you explore through the wetlands. Deforestation in Brazil is one of the most catastrophic realities of the modern world, the number one thing I would put my money towards, with the rainforest getting torn down and destroyed at a remarkable rate. Contrasting to the rest of South America, Brazil has Portuguese as the national language, however it is still quite different to the European language, as it inevitably would be over time.