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Where do you start with this giant country, you could spend your entire life travelling through the glorious landscape and still have plenty of places to visit. From the Great wall of China to the Forbidden City, the Li river and the Potala palaca, there is something for everyone. You also HAVE to check out Jiuzhaigou while you’re there. Of course, if you want more ideas then you can have a read of my list of things to do in China. Make sure to look out for the green bean flavoured ice pops while there. Not because they taste good, just because they’re completely bizarre. The capital of China is Beijing, with an amazing 21 million people living there. I also have a hefty list of things to do in Beijing, from Tiananmen Square to the forbidden city. Considering the distance you will have to travel to explore this country, you will be happy to hear the train links are improving constantly with time, while they say if you put all of China’s train tracks in a straight line, it could loop around the world twice over! I wouldn’t mind taking that trip. Fun fact: chopsticks were originally made for eating rather than as a utensil, back 5,000 years ago.