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The capital of Croatia, Zagreb is now home to over 800,000 people and is fast becoming a destination favourite for many. You should certainly have a read through my list of things to do in Zagreb if you’re planning a trip. One nice additional benefit is that it hasn’t been taken over by drunken Brits looking for somewhere with sun, sea and cheap beer. The tourism industry in Zagreb is actually predominantly driven by German tourists so far, helped by the short distance of travel. One stat I found highlighted that in 2014 over 3% of Germans visited Croatia, which seems phenomenal. As I’m sure many of you will be visiting over the weekend, it is worth mentioning that Saturday afternoon here is very different to most other places. It isn’t a time for a lie in or for Netflix to be played all day. It is actually the time where a number of people in the city get glamorously dressed up and show of their latest fashion items. Cafes will be filled between 10am and 2pm, with this social trend known as Spica. So put on your best clothes and head out for a coffee, as you won’t regret it, with the atmosphere absolutely amazing. Another oddity around Zagreb is its passion for statues of snakes and dragons. More like something you would expect in certain parts of China, Zagreb loves a good dragon. They also have a folk tail that a snake queen was buried deep in their fortress tunnels.