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Bordering Sweden and Russia, this is a country you have to wrap up warm for. Ranua wildlife park is definitely worth a visit if you are heading there on holiday, while I’m also a massive fan of Nuuksio national park. Not sure if you know any Finnish celebrities or famous people of the past? I’d like to change your mindset here. Any Liverpool fan should look back with fond memories to our colossal defender Sami Hyypia or our inspirational Jari Litmanen. Dance music fans of the 90’s should remember Darude (“I can feel the beat, feel the beat”). Formula One fans have Raikkonen bringing pride to the country, while they have another famous driver in Mika Hakkinen. If you don’t know any of these then I’ve failed you, as that is the extent of my knowledge of Finnish celebrities. More than a tourist attraction, many people are looking to move here, as it is rated the number one happiest country in the world. This shouldn’t come as such a surprise when they have tournaments like the Wife Carrying Championship. Kakslauttanen is another huge tourist attraction, with many wanting to stay in the snow globe shaped rooms, offering the chance to see the Northern Lights while tucked up into bed (but don’t expect it to be warm).