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Ah Paris, the city of love, or at least that is the saying. I’d probably go with the city of tourists, considering they get 30 million foreign visitors each year! The Eiffel Tower, a key thing to do in Paris, was only meant to be a temporary installation, however it has become the most well known building in the world. Of course, you have 1,665 steps in front of you if you do decide to climb the journey upwards, otherwise you could settle for the lift. The capital of France has been around since the 3rd century BC and has 173 museums, along with 1,803 monuments, so you may struggle to tick everything off in a weekend trip. The cinema is a strong part of French history and you will be spoilt for choice over the various indoor and outdoor screens on offer, especially during the summer months. A little known fact, up until a few years ago there was only one ‘stop’ sign in the entire city. However, it has now been removed, so go right on ahead! It is hard to directly state how many proposals happen in Paris each year, but I formerly worked in the hen and stag do industry and I can honestly say it was remarkable the amount of stories from couples who took a holiday out there, so if this is your plan then make sure to keep an eye out for any romantic recommendations I offer.