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Budapest has to be one of my favourite spots in Europe, while holidays to Budapest are ever increasing. Hungary actually has a large amount of well known celebrities which people aren’t often aware are from this country, such as Houdini and Rachel Weisz, while even Drew Barrymore has Hungarian heritage on her Mother’s side. This landlocked country might not have beaches, but it does have the Lake Balaton meaning people can still have a similar relaxing experience. Having said that, most people flock to the spas of Budapest. However the spas aren’t just for relaxing, romantic breaks, they’re also home to the absolutely manic ‘sparties‘. Hungary is the home to the Rubik’s cube, highlighting their intelligence. However they also invented the biro and the Krypton electric bulb, so it wasn’t a one-off genius. They also have 13 Nobel prize winners, something quite substantial, however the only one they haven’t got yet is the Nobel peace prize…Ah one day Hungary! Many people flock to Hungary for the great tasting beer, but another joyous reason is that they had the world’s first official wine region, so you can expect a nice glass or three.