Firstly, I apologise for the rubbish picture above, however it was the only image I walked away with, our group is useless!

This was the third time I’ve visited Budapest, yet somehow I had never been to the Sparty. The first time we were there, we went on an amazing pub crawl and I assumed it would be a bit of a cock-fest (pardon my French), however the people who went in our hostel told us it was unbelievable.

Two months ago I went for a stag do, but none of them were convinced about a pool party, so we stuck to the bar crawl. On the third time of asking however, I finally got my wish and partied the night away in the Budapest Spa. Below are some of the questions people have asked me since, that I thought might be useful for anyone considering heading there.

How Much Does It Cost?

We heard the tickets often sellout around 1 month beforehand, so we booked them at £34 entrance 6 weeks beforehand. Apparently it did sell out soon after we bought them, so definitely worth buying them beforehand to be safe. Having said that, I sometimes doubt how true that all is, as a guy I chatted to said he bought the ticket on the day, but who knows how much he had to pay. Either way, worth booking upfront so you don’t have to worry.

How Clean Is The Water

There is a lot of chlorine used. I’m not going to lie, everyone pisses in the water, EVERYONE. I went in there a dozen times so I can’t judge. You’re all drunk, so you stop caring about hygiene after a while. Just try to keep you beer a fair distance above the water.

How Much Does Alcohol Cost?

It is pretty pricey, but not anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be (still a lot cheaper than London). Simply pricey for Hungary. Most people drink cans of Heineken.

What Is The Whirlpool?

The greatest thing ever! OK, this is going to be hard to explain. There is a small circular pool where everyone chills out. Surrounding it is this wave based whirlpool which pulls you in a circle around the small pool, like a moat around a castle. The whirlpool is insanely fun and allows you to float along, without being too powerful to the point of being dangerous. My mate spent 90% of his time there and he can’t swim, so you’re all safe.

This is the area where most of the water splashes into your beer, so neck it before you jump in.

Are There Any Deep Sections

Nope, it doesn’t go beyond your chest height…wait, this depends on your height. OK, for smaller people it might reach your head in certain places, but most of the time I was on my knees in the water, so just the right height I reckon. There are lifeguards, but they seemed to be mainly focused on preventing people smoking in the pool.

Is It A Cockfest?

A pool party filled with stunning women, it sounds too good to be true. Therefore every guy instantly wonders whether its going to be a pool filled with disappointed fella’s as they gather around the sporadic female. Well, I checked beforehand and it averages 65% males to 35% females, so there is a majority, however when we went there it was pretty damn good! I ended up chatting to a lot of girls and had a great time.

Do People Have Sex In The Pool?

Yep. 100%. All the people shagging seem to go into one corner, so if you’re looking to avoid this, just don’t wonder over there. On the other hand, if you do hook up with someone and feel the urge, head over to the dodgy corner.

How Big Is The Pool?

It is giant!! There are two separate pools, the main pool and the other one to the side. Head straight over to the one on the side, this is the one with the whirlpool.

How Do You Handle Your Money?

When you arrive, you give money to the reception and they place the money onto your wrist band. It’s an electronic wristband, that when put against the machine at the bar will just knock-off the amount you spend on drinks. I put on the equivalent of £30 and didn’t use it all, so easy days.

Where Do You Store Your Possessions?

That electronic wrist band I mentioned, you also use it to lock your stuff in the lockers. There are hundreds, if not thousands of lockers, so plenty to go around.


  1. fernandes March 9, 2022 at 10:22 pm

    quel est la moyenne d’age pour la sparty ?
    50 ans c’est trop vieux pour y aller ?


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