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The home of Bollywood, India is growing in power, part of the BRIC nations, this country is amazing (as long as you avoid Delhi). The Meenakshi Amman temple will certainly catch your interest if you visit, while so should the Mehrangarh Fort. For a full guide, you should have a read of my list of things to do in India. This is a very young nation, unlike anywhere else in the world, where half the country is under the age of 25 and with a constantly growing population. You will not find better food anywhere else in the world, but do remember to be cautious around tap water in every shape and form. Be careful when eating salads as they will be washed in tap water, while you should also use bottled water when you clean your teeth, just keep your concentration levels up to avoid the ‘Delhi belly’. Of course, beef is off the menu, being sacred in India, it is illegal to kill a cow (unless you do it in some bizarre accident such as a car crash). It’s bad to say, but you can get away with speaking English in India, but if you plan on learning a language then you might be stunned to find out they have over 450 actively spoken languages. Of course, only 22 are official and most will speak either Hindi or English,