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This nation has always been known for its natural beauty, however the tourism boom surrounding the tubing was absolutely phenomenal, incomparable to anything previously, with an unprecedented growth in visitors year after year. It has sadly calmed down following the strict rules applied to the area, however this shouldn’t dent your passion to visit the country, with so many things to do in Laos. Forget Iguazu Falls, Laos has the world’s widest waterfall, the Khone Falls. This is something many travellers don’t realise until they get out to Laos, making it a nice surprise to add to the itinerary, but it is definitely worth building into your plan if looking at South East Asia. While there is much to see, history might be lacking, as it is recognised as the most bombed country in history. Don’t worry, I’m not saying this will happen now, we’re talking about in the 60’s and 70’s, however it wiped out much of the history and infrastructure, something that they are still trying to recover from now. Want to see a rare animal species while travelling, try to find the refuge for the irrawaddy dolphins, considering they are on the verge of going extinct. It is the fishing nets that keep catching them and causing them to sadly drown.