Some of the most beautiful islands in the world, the ultimate wedding location, the Maldives have always been one of the most popular holiday resorts in the world. Or at least for people with a fair amount of money in the pocket, as it won’t come cheap! With its warm seas filled with tropical fish, this is a diver’s heaven. The sad truth about the Maldives is that scientists have said, with the sea level rising, the Maldives may only be around for another 20 years, so see them while you can. Below I have outlined some of the top things to do in the Maldives, so see if you can tick off the entire list, or if you can think of any more, make sure to write them down in the comments at the bottom of the page.


1.0 Diving The Maldives

This one was never going to escape the list, so might as well start straight away with it. There are believed t0 be over 3,000 coral reefs, so you won’t have to worry about being squashed next to hundreds of other tourists desperately trying to get a spot. The thing that is so amazing about diving here is that the sea is so clear, you can often see up to 50 metres away, making spotting a sea turtle or a dolphin much more likely. Please, whatever you do, do NOT try and break some of the coral reef to take home. Remember and respect the fact that this is where the sea life lives and if you destroy the homes, they will eventually die out. If you do go diving, you might be able to tick off something on my list of 100 things to do before you die, which is to swim with a whale shark.

by TANAKA Juuyoh

2.0 Male

This is one of the smallest capital cities in the world, while it is also good for a one day visit (not too much longer) to break up the holiday a bit, so you don’t spend the entire time on the beach. Chat to the locals, shop at the markets and have a pina colada.

by Mohd Althani

3.0 National Museum

While in Malé, take a quick tour around the National Museum, where you can see all of the former possessions of the sultan. It is located right in Sultan’s park.

by Cliff

4.0 Night Fishing

If this is your thing, you can go out on a boat trip at night and have a go at fishing. On almost every dinner table, you will spot fish, with not much choice when surrounded by the sea, so I hope you’re not a vegetarian. You leave on a boat just before sun sets and the fisherman will find the perfect spot, where you will spend the next hour trying to catch anything you can. You can then head back to the island to cook it up on a barbecue.

by bettyx1138

5.0 Virgin Islands

The great thing about the Maldives is that there are more than 1,190 islands, meaning plenty are deserted, meaning you can be the only person on the desert island, completing many childhood dreams while reading Robinson Crusoe. This is also a perfect romantic evening location, as the stars aren’t blocked by pollution, the sounds aren’t disrupted by sound pollution and the sand hasn’t been stepped on potentially in years (depending on where you step of course).

by Nattu

6.0 Spa

OK, I straight up admit, I’m a bit of an addict to massages ever since visiting Peru, where I could get them for as cheap as £1 per 30 minutes. Now, the Maldives will cost a lot more, but after a day on the beach and scuba diving, the perfect end is a massage and a cocktail with the person you love. Make the most of the resort spa’s and get a complete rub down.

by Christian Jensen

7.0 Manta Point

If you’ve never seen a manta ray, here is one of the best spots in the world to see them in their natural habitat. If you visit between spring and fall, they are most likely to be there, however this is monsoon season so there can be negatives. I have to be honest though, since getting stung by a ray, having my foot burst open and coating the beach in my blood, this one isn’t for me, but I can assure you I am definitely in the minority of people that actually get attacked.

by TANAKA Juuyoh

8.0 Safari Boats

There are a large number of boats available which do complete tours of the Maldives. If you’re happy to get up early, you can spend the complete day seeing everything this beautiful location has to give. The boat will make regular stops for you to jump in, swim with any sealife that is spotted or to take a proper deep dive down. The boats can also take you to islands in the evening for a starry evening eating dinner. Writing this down, I can’t explain how jealous of you I am right now!

9.0 Submarine Ride

Ever been in a submarine before? You can easily book a trip through your hotel, just speak to someone at reception and they will connect you to a tour and excursion adviser. These trips normally last about 45 minutes and offer you a great view of the coral reef, especially if you aren’t comfortable with diving. This is normally a decent one to do at the start or end of the stay.

10. The Maldive Victory

This is a ship that sunk in 1981, which has now become a very popular tourist attraction, as you can see how it has been converted into a home to coral and giant schools of fish. A trip to the Maldives simply wouldn’t be complete unless you have had a deep sea dive tour of the sunken ship, the Maldive Victory, however this isn’t for new divers as the strong currents can catch people by surprise.

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