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When you hear stories about Singapore you undoubtedly first hear you aren’t allowed to chew gum and the streets are immaculately clean. What is often left out is this tiny country is great for anyone who loves wildlife, beautiful buildings or generally a culture shock. Located just off Malaysia, this is pretty much the financial hub of Asia, with a huge amount of businesses closely located. My house mate was from Singapore and he would tell stories, feed me the local delicacies and share his wisdom from back home. He was incredibly kind, however I have to admit the large amount of sea food they eat was a bit of a shock. I’ve written a list of things to do in Singapore, however I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface therefore I will add more to this over time. If you have a 1,000 note from Singapore and your eyes are unbelievably good, then you can have a read of their national anthem, which is written in micro text. While most people think of the mainland when they visit, Singapore actually has 63 other islands, however most are uninhabited. The national language is Malay, however their population are generally very good at languages, with many being taught English, Chinese, Tamil and Malay to a very high degree.