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Tourism for South Korea has continued to grow year upon year, with the nation offering many reasons to visit, from the giant Boryeong mud festival to spectacular views at Seoraksan national park, this place has something for everyone. The shoppers and clubbers can enjoy the city life, while people who want to get in touch with nature can enjoy the marvels which are around every corner. I’d strongly recommend having a read of my list of things to do in South Korea. There are 51 million people living in South Korea, however most are located in or around Seoul, with 10 million residents in this city alone! Something to make you feel a little ashamed if you are a Brit or from the USA, South Korea has one of the world’s lowest levels of obesity, at 3% of the nation. K-beauty has taken the Western world by storm, while its not just women, with 1/5 men in South Korea using make-up on a daily basis. I even tried the 10 step Korean skincare routine for one week to get an idea of the process many people go through, let’s just say it was pretty intense. K-pop has grown far beyond anyone could have imagined, with music becoming a key area for fame and fortune for boy bands breaking the billboards.