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The capital of Spain, Madrid has been around since 860AD, having been a quiet mountainous area all the way up until Muhammad I visited and built a castle in the area. The rest, as they say, is history. Nowadays it is quite something different, being the second most visited location in Spain, while they certainly love their football. Real Madrid are recognised as the greatest football team of all time, while they also share the city with the amazing Atletico Madrid. There is plenty to do when visiting, from relaxing in the El Retiro Park to exploring the wealth of museums. Seriously, they have a lot of museums! Many people like to meet in the Plaza’s in the evening, where it can be quite lively. Of course, the liveliness has something to thank the young student culture, meaning a drink isn’t ever far away. But one thing I truly love is that it hasn’t been tainted by us Brits, it hasn’t become a ‘Brit by the sea’ area overrun with drunken tourists. Standing at 700 metres above sea levels, it also means you can expect slightly colder weather than you might expect in Spain. If you’re travelling on at all, make sure to read my guide on the best things to do in Spain.