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Turkey’s tourism has been growing exponentially over the past few years after a severe dip in 2016, however it has once again become a top tourist destination. It has also seen a huge increase in visitors from China, almost doubling each year. The history of Turkey make it attractive, with unbelievable stories about the Ottoman empire. They also have one of the oldest malls in the world, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul which certainly has a fair amount of colour. Most people book themselves into an all inclusive holiday in Turkey when they visit, which is normally at a very decent rate when compared to other destinations in Europe. Ready to be surprised when you eat your dessert, try Tavuk Gogsu, it’s a famous dessert they love including chicken! You have to try it to believe it. The destination has also strangely become a Christmas destination, not because of its warmer climate, but actually because it was where Saint Nicholas came from. Yep, he didn’t come from the North Pole, he was born in Patara. Of course, a bigger temptation for me would be the large quantity of sea turtle nesting beaches available, not that you should get too close, but it is an unbelievable sight to see.