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You think of Cambridge and your mind goes to the University, the boat race and some of the greatest minds, however there is so much more. I’d recommend having a read of my article on things to do in Cambridge for your visit. While many polytechnic Universities are opening up throughout the country (partly thanks to the ridiculous tuition fee they charge making this a great business to run), Cambridge is one of the oldest in the world, opening in 1209. They also have more Nobel prize winners than any other institution, so it should make it onto your bucket list as who knows what genius you might bump into. Also, as a football fan, this place will always be important in history, as it is where the first ever game of football was played (under the association rules, I’m not counting China where they kicked around severed heads into goals). Oh, if you feel like being really British and want to try something tasty, make sure to pop into a bakery for the famous Chelsea buns. But not just any bakery, Fitzbillies creates the award winning buns, based on both Trumptington street and Bridge street. They are now part of most travel guides for Cambridge.