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Read any guide on the best place to eat an ice cream and they will list almost every city in Italy. Well I say PAH to these people, for they have not tried the ice cream from Cornwall! When I visited, the award for the best ice cream in the world had just been awarded to a place down there, which was clotted cream and honey comb ice cream, with clotted cream on top. Needless to say, I almost died with joy. Of course, the other culinary dish you can’t visit without trying is the Cornish pasty, something you can nowadays find almost anywhere in the UK in supermarkets or bakeries, but no where will it taste as good as in Cornwall. It might not have the climate of Southern Spain, however Cornwall does boast 300 beaches, which will be filled with burning Brits throughout the summer months as we flock to the seaside. In fact, Cornwall does actually have the longest coastline in the whole country. Weird fact for you, during the 1900’s, 50% of the worlds tin came from Cornwall. Considering the big waves, it has also become a great place to try surfing, with many surfing schools dotted along the seafront. Visiting Cornwall should be on everyone’s list of things to do before you die.