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Ah Liverpool, home to my favourite football team, where I grew up watching the likes of Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen and Hyypia with posters all over my walls. Liverpool will always hold a strong place over my heart, but even if you’re not a football fan, there is plenty to see here, being the City of Culture in 2008. Its waterfront is even a World Heritage Site, since 2004, awarded by UNESCO. It is of course home to the Beatles, which becomes part of any tour of the city, with so much memorabilia on show all over the town. Of course, there is more than just music when it comes to museums, with art a huge element to the culture of this city. They’re also a nice walking distance from each other, meaning you can tick off quite a few in a single day, depending on the crowds. Of course, with 58 million visitors each year to Liverpool, you do have to time it right, trying your best to avoid the school holidays and visiting places early in the morning before the midday rush. There is also a huge Chinese community, which also means great Chinese restaurants, while you can walk through the huge Chinese Arch, the biggest of its kind in Europe at 14 metres.