It is hard to think of a better place to visit in the UK for Christmas than Liverpool, with so many things on show and festively dressed up. We visited for a few days and I’ve listed all the things I would recommend if you’re planning a trip in December.



Ice festival Liverpool

ice festival

The Ice festival was amazing, with plenty of rides for all ages. I will be honest, my favourite bit was the hot chocolate baileys, which melted in my mouth and left me smiling for ages. There was an Alpine Bavarian bar to wet the whistle, while they also made a mean sausage.

lounge bar

Freijwheel Wheel Of Liverpool


I will be honest, I didn’t have a go on this one, considering my fear of heights, but it supposedly offers a great view of the whole city and is often decorated up at Christmas time. This is one of those ‘touristy’ things you are supposed to do if it floats your boat.


Play board games inside sugar and dice

sugar and dice

A cafe with more board games than your Gran, what more could you ask for? Unfortunately, you have to book way in advance, as all seats are pretty much taken the entire day! If you’re a sucker for monopoly, then it’s time to visit Sugar and Dice, do not pass go, do not collect £200. Besides, nothing says Christmas like playing board games with the family.


Lime street station market


Right next to the main station in Liverpool is a Christmas market which is setup every year, with all the usuals, from Bratwursts to absolutely scrumptious cookie dough.




I’m biased here as a Liverpool fan, but with our lack of winter break like the other European leagues, football plays a strong role in the Christmas schedule, with games just before and after Christmas day.


Festive afternoon tea at The Baltic Social

festive afternoon tea

We headed here for some dinner, originally planning on doing the punk afternoon tea, until we saw there was a festive option. This is a lively bar which is normally fully booked up, so make sure to call up and reserve in advance if you want to visit.

Below is a list of what you get if you order the festive menu:


Spiced chicken slider, fennel, and mint slaw brioche bun

Homemade chorizo, pork, and fennel sausage roll

Meatballs with cranberry and chili served with mash and gravy

Ham hock bon bon

Prawn cocktail with bloody Mary sauce

Christmas fries with stuffing dust

Mince pie

Clementine cake

Salted caramel brownie

Mini cheese board

Festive sweets

Home Alone pop up bar

home alone bar

Nothing says Christmas like Home Alone, while this bar perfectly resembled the movie, from the swinging paint cans to the dancing silhouettes in the window. Sure, the drinks aren’t cheap, while it costs a fiver for entry, but if your looking for something different then this is about as odd as you can get!



So if you’re planning your trip to the red city, make sure to pack warm clothes, get your Liverpool scarf on and get ready for a lot of great themed bars. It’s an unbelievable place to visit, any time of the year, but there is something special about this area in the winter.

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