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I spent my teenage years visiting my relatives in Norwich, therefore I will inevitably come out with the occasional post around Norwich, or potentially in more detail around Diss. It might be hard to imagine now, but back in the 11th century, Norwich could have become the UK capital. At the time, the population was growing and matching the levels of London, while the industry was booming thanks to their production of wool. Ever wondered why the football team got the name canaries? Religious refugees from Belgium and Holland arrived in Norwich hoping to start a new life, while many of them brought over their canaries. So much so that it became normal for many people to have these beautiful birds, before it became a key symbol of the city. Norwich was the first for many things, for example, they were the first place in the UK to use postcodes. Norwich castle is a beautiful sight and should make it onto your itinerary, as well as Norwich Cathedral. But if you’re after something a little different to your usual guide, try BeWILDerment, a treehouse adventure play area. For historians, you might want to visit Dragon Hall, while if you fancy escaping the city life then you should head to the Norfolk Broads.