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I was born and bred in London, staying there until the age of 18 when I ran away to Brighton to study at University and to get a bit closer to the sea. My experiences are mixed, however I’ll try to offer the best guidance on the best places to eat, what to do and what not to do. I grew up in West London, so my knowledge of this area may be better that the East, but if you have any questions, never hesitate to get in contact and ask away. I’ve also written about some of those breathtaking views over London you can get. London was recognised as the capital of food not too long ago, not because the English are great chefs, far from it, our not so great cooking has meant we have looked elsewhere and embraced the culinary world, meaning you can walk down any road in London and try 20 different cuisines. There are also plenty of bizarre things to do here as well, such as ghost tours. Jack the Ripper was never found by the police, so let’s make sure you stay safe. I do want to remind everyone when walking around the centre to protect your possessions from pickpockets, especially if you have had a drink. The great aspect to London is you can whizz around on the Tube very easily all over the city, once you get your head around the Tube map and the different lines.