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The name nobody in the world can seemingly spell (I had to double check my spelling about a dozen times every time I write it). What do I say about this bizarre part of the USA. The first thing is get ready for a little dizziness and be careful not to drink too much, as you will be 5,314 feet above sea level, meaning one pint down at normal level is like 3 pints up here. We certainly realised this when we went out, despite the recommendation to be careful by staff in the hostel. It is also the first time we saw those lowrider cars with hydraulic suspension, as they jump up and down in the air. It was like a scene out of a gang movie, but it was hysterical, really hard to take the ‘rude boys’ seriously. You may also hear ‘go Isotopes’ a few times as you walk along. I’m a Brit, all I know is football (soccer), therefore it was interesting to learn about minor league baseball, but I’m not sure I’ll be switching over any time soon, the games are way too long and stretched out. The University of New Mexico has a really strong reputation around America, especially for law, medicine and engineering. There is quite a large student base in the area, therefore the parties can be pretty lively.