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The capital of Wales, Cardiff might be known for its rain but it also gets more hours of sun than most of Italy! You will be spoilt for choice on things to do while here, so I recommend having a read of my list of things to do in Cardiff. The castle is certainly an eye-see, making the perfect snap for the photobook (if people still have those anymore). If you’re a children’s book fan or if you’re travelling with kids then you should check out everything here around Roald Dahl, who was born in Cardiff. Another fun fact is Captain Morgan was born here. Yep. The Welsh privateer who explored the Caribbean and raided settlements, he also was a fan of a drink or two. You may notice a dalek or five when walking around Cardiff, as they were designed and created here, going on to haunt many people’s dreams for years to come. Oh, one more thing, Cardiff was the first fairtrade capital of the world back in 2004, not bad! The destination has proven popular nowadays for party goers, with a really live atmosphere, attracting many people from England, especially Liverpool and Bristol. You should certainly have an exploration of the Millennium stadium on your visit, as it is a mighty stadium and has the largest retractable roof of any stadium in the world